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James thought it was his best piece of handiwork and no one would ever see it. At that Saturday, Sarah began her journey back home. She didn't want to inflict pain on him but she had a part to play and she would stick to it until the weekend was complete.She patted the package sitting beside her in the front passenger seat of her car.James looked at the pile of wood, metal, and hardware that he had poured out of the plain brown cardboard box then groaned.He'd never been very good at putting things together, even with step-by-step directions like the set in his right hand.

While she was giving her husband his marching orders for the day, she had received an email from the local adult toy shop.What twisted deviancy would his domineering wife subject him to today? She decided to forgo panties as her pussy was still sore from Maurice and his foot-long.He would not have to wait long to find out as Sarah's voice through the bathroom door brought him back to reality. James quickly toweled himself off, left the bathroom, and returned to his spot in the middle of the living room floor.They called it the Iron Cross, although it was made of wood, the aforementioned industrial steel, and leather cuffs that were placed on the four ends of each diagonal slat.He leaned up against the torture device to test its sturdiness.

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