An accommodating learning style

How can we identify and describe types of learning styles?Let s start from a simple experiment, which is based on a well known psychological test. 2 for just a few seconds and immediately write down what you see. We can certainly see a vase - but we can also see two faces.In this paper I am going to report the preliminary results of a small-scale project which I started some time ago on learning styles.The project has involved students and teachers discussing their own learning styles on the basis of a questionnaire, and has so far raised many interesting issues.

This test has often been used to determine how field-dependent or field-independent a person is.visual, auditory, kinesthetic), motivation and sociocultural factors being other important variables in this respect (Skehan 1989, 1994).These individual differences are obviously related, but I felt the need to concentrate on one - learning styles - as the focus of my project.1): At the very top we might place personality - the very general basic individual character structure.Further down the line we meet learning styles - how personality works in a learning context, for example in the classroom; styles reflect the individual s consistent and preferred learning approach, an approach which he or she exhibits time and time again, in a wide range of situations and contexts - and not necessarily in school contexts.

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