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I must ensure you're satisfied with me or I may lose you to someone else." "You'll never lose me, Sam; not in a million years. I like input from the passengers before we start, but weather plays a part in the decision. We could spend a few days together, then fly as a group to Martinique.

I want to grow old with you." "What if I become an insufferable prick; mean, cruel, callous, and nasty? I'll know more a week before the trip when we see what's brewing in the Atlantic.

She's that good." "Is she still as exquisite as she was in Vegas? Four or five months of crewing a ship takes the fat off her and tightens the lines. By the way; are you sharing that sweet little slave of yours yet? To be honest, I'd now shared her with Morris and four exquisite women since Las Vegas, but I wasn't ready to open the flood gates either. If Marcia replaced her married celebrities with singles and enlisted the help of Bella to meet them; I might share her more than I believed possible.

Morris was a special exception and women threatened me less than men.

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Small squalls are all right." "I see Dina is the First Mate? If anything happened to me, she'd get you home safe and sound with a map and compass. Make sure your passport is up to date and I'll call you about a 7-10 days before we sail and I'll have a clearer picture of the trip. He said there was something brewing off the coast of Africa, but our trip would be over before that one influenced anything.

I apologize to avid readers of Literotica for the length of this submission. He keeps losing weight, the fun and games get longer.

I wanted to break it up into seven sections for your reading ease, but that violates the submission guidelines for the Summer Lovin contest into which I wish to submit it. It will be classified in Novels/Novellas but for those who have particular tastes and don't want to be offended by such, it will contain bondage/discipline, wife sharing, non-consent/reluctance, oral, anal, group, interracial, lesbian and normal sex. If any of the above topics offends you, don't read it, then vote it down because it contained stuff you don't like. I believe this will be the last of Sam's and Marcia's adventures for the foreseeable future.

That posed no problem as she had eight weeks of leave built up.

Fortunately, tourist season ended in late April, the snow birds departed, and her Department encouraged vacations before everything started up again in October. It takes no more energy to get a blow job." "At least I'm standing half the time." "Did Brianna say anything more in her email? We go into any restaurant and they might feed us for free. She needs to know your leave got approved and the dates good." "You say the sweetest things. Brianna showed me the pictures and I wanted to fuck me." "Accept it.

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