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But in this instance it's not necessarily that way.There's the personal things that have been going on since his family's lived in Australia their whole life, so to watch him and his family move over with their three kids and adjust to a new culture and get to spend some real time with his family has been great.It feels like you've, really since Maude opened, really established yourself as part of the dining culture in LA. There's always the amazing sushi and there's always the good cheap eats, if you will. We've got a thing where it's improved our menu, and that's certainly evolving.What do you find exciting about food in LA right now? But I think now what is happening is people are a little more open to thinking of food as more than just something to get while you've stopped off somewhere, or just a quick cheap meal.

It's a little something like that with your team, whether it's getting through the week without a phone call, or watching the menus come out of the test kitchen, they have really been lead by Justin.

To watch my kids and his kids become real cousins is awesome. Tell me a little bit about what you're looking forward to in 2017.

Stone: It's an exciting year, because we'll have caught our breath from the opening. We'll have two operating restaurants, which is a nice feeling.

To continue doing that and try to conceptualize a new restaurant [with Gwen] was a fun period. You're dealing with architects, designers, and complications...

if the building's fire-safe, and all the shit that we're not used to having to think about [at Maude].

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