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I will coordinate shipping from Wilson, NC 27822 zip or Raleigh, NC 27609 zip estimate lathe weight less the stand is about 350 to 400 lbs.High bidder responsible for all insurance, shipping & crating charges.On the positive side the zeroing micrometer dials were clearly engraved and the mechanism to lock their rotation by positive finger screws.In 1967 a minor change was made to the apron-mounted mechanism that engaged the (standard-fit) power cross feed with the provision of a simple, ball-ended toggle arm that slid the selector button in and out.If your 12-inch underdrive suffers from a noisy headstock, vibration or a poor finish on turned work, look first at the final drive to the headstock spindle and check (by putting a chalk line across them and running the lathe) that the two belts are exactly the same length.Whilst almost every 3000 Series lathes appears to have been fitted with a screwcutting gearbox some were made with a standard changewheel set up; the sales catalogues were a little vague on this point with publications for the American market sometimes listing the gearbox as a standard fitting on both stand and bench models but sometimes as an extra on the bench model only; export editions managed to show it both as standard unit and, simultaneously, amongst the extra-cost accessories for both versions.The stand lathe sat on a neatly-constructed 190 lb cabinet (made from 3/16" thick steel with a chip tray as standard) that held a simple but robust countershaft with its pulleys overhung on 3/4"-diameter shafts from each side of bearings contained within central plumber blocks.

It is the Craftsman model 101 289 10 ser#107436 This is a detailed description I found on the internet of this series of lathes made from 1959 to the 1980's The final form of the Craftsman 12-inch was identical to the new-for-1959 12-inch Atlas (for further details of how these Craftsman lathes changed over time, look at the Atlas section of the Archive).

Although the flat-topped "English-style" bed still flew in the face of American preference for V ways, the rest of the machine was heavily revised and few parts were interchangeable with the earlier model.

It was available in two versions, for either bench or stand mounting, with the former having a bronze-bearing countershaft (of rather agricultural construction) and integral hinged (cast-iron) motor mount that bolted to the bench behind the lathe (with a bracing arrangement to the back of the headstock) together with a lever-operated mechanism that slackened both headstock and motor belts simultaneously.

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