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Australia has moved up to fourth in the world after the latest FIFA Women's World Rankings released today, their highest in history.

The Matildas have continued their rise after a stunning year.

The veto leaves Mr Mugabe looking ever more secure in office, despite the blood shed for his 're-election', and demonstrates the difficulty of ensuring concerted international action – which would have been necessary to enforce the sanctions even if they had been passed.

Both Russia and China have questionable human rights records of their own, and have long been reluctant to support international intervention in what they see as other countries' internal affairs.

Liu Jianchao, the Chinese Foreign Ministry's chief spokesman, was quick to defend the veto as right for Zimbabwe.

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More than 100 people, mostly opposition supporters are said to have died in the attacks.China's decision to block the sanctions may bruise relations with Western powers weeks before Beijing hosts the Olympic Games.China also faces international pressure over Sudan, where international prosecutors are pursuing arrests for alleged war crimes in Darfur.The British-backed resolution would have imposed an arms embargo on Zimbabwe and financial and travel restrictions on President Robert Mugabe and 13 other officials, and authorised a United Nations special envoy for the southern African nation.But although nine countries, including America, Britain and France, backed the proposals, five countries voted against, including Russia and China, which both enjoy powers of veto as permanent members of the Security Council.

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