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The exhibition is collated from a wide range of student work, including portraits, landscapes, and still lifes.This year, the showcase will culminate in the inaugural Wentworth Selborne Award for a single outstanding, technically adventurous photograph.Opened yesterday, the exhibition explores the photographer’s recent journey through isolated territories of former Yugoslavia including Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo and Croatia, uncovering a series of gargantuan, concrete monuments commissioned by the late President Tito.Employing analogue film techniques alongside traditional printing processes, the photographs cast a window back in time at these statues. Pictured: Go platinum 29 November This year saw the 70th anniversary of Camera Press.The latter explores Canada’s most ethical diamond mine – Reeve is the first artist who has gained access.Both series possess rich and exceptional detail, while remaining geographically ambiguous.The pre-released batch provides a sneak peak into the high quality of entries in the open competition for the best single image, with striking aerial landscapes, intimate portraits, wildlife shots and stolen moments – like this one caught at a kite competition on Marseille beach in France.

Hatch’s show develops a platform for individuals to voice their experiences, thereby creating a sense of agency in a situation where their’s was once taken away.

The winning entry will receive a cash prize of 00.

In addition to the exhibition, there will be talks, portfolio reviews, and workshops. Pictured: Home of the brave 14 December ‘Heroic Times’ presents a selection of iconic imagery from the archives of Steve Schapiro at Howard Greenberg Gallery.

The resulting collection of images has been published in a new book, , by Reel Art Press.

A keen observer, Hurn’s curiosity led him to capture rodeos, school dances, pageants, football games, patriotic marches, and sun-soaked road trips through the dry Arizona desert.

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