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The two receptionists I communicated with were not malicious, they did not want to get in my way or to be interrogated about their data privacy and security policies.

They were just trying to do their jobs, as much as I was just trying to see a doctor.

Yet, the cyber security industry is incredibly siloed when it comes to these different facets.

Myself and FC have had many conversations about how frustrating it is that the industry is so fragmented when the problems are so interconnected. We’re bringing together our backgrounds in the human, technical and physical areas of cyber security to offer a more comprehensive and integrated approach to training, testing and talking about cyber security.

I was surprised and a bit irritated, because my passport and utility bills should be sufficient, but it seemed non-negotiable.

For a home computer user, you can also consider writing your passwords down in a book and storing that book in a safe place.

Bear in mind: what is the worst thing that can happen here?

The receptionist who answered told me that I needed to put my request in writing as they cannot give out personal information over the phone.

I pressed her on this and she explained it was for “data protection” as she could not verify my identity over the telephone (“you could be anyone”).

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