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Note: Initial deposit paid by the beneficiary of funds is for the account type and it will be added and transferred along with your principal amount in it's exact value. Current Classic Account : Activation Deposit ........ Thus, upon receipt of payment, we will be sending your user login and password.

Furtherance to your complain please do call for further inquiry. Yours sincerely, Aadi Moore Online Account Officer. CC: TRANSFER MANAGER(IBB) OFFERS FROM THE FORESTERS INTERNATIONAL BANK/FINANCE UK. To enable us transfer this loan to you, you are expected to get to us with the option you choose with the requested information so that we can Let you know where and how to send this money to enable them transfer your loan immediately.

It will only take 30 minutes to transfer the loan into your Bank account.

The 0 is for the loan transfer as it was stated on the loan terms and conditions.

I point blank asked him if this was a scam, that I was worried.

He said "and you should be","no, what I mean is, no this isn't a scam, and you have nothing to worry about". I was pretty sure at that point I wasn't going to be getting anything.

MTCN NUMBERS: SENDERS FULL NAMES: Do get back to us upon the receipt of this email and let us know when you will be able to carry out payment so that we can know the way forward on this transaction. Otherwise, they will make you pay a higher transfer fee." I get to the Western Union, to pay the 0 for the "insurance policy".About the time I started to call Western Union THEY CALLED ME! Hayes back and tell him that I just want to cancel the whole transaction, and to send my money back to me. It didn't take me 4 weeks to send it Western Union - why couldn't the money be sent back Western Union? The phone number that I was given, and used 1-800-717-4960.They asked me what the money was going to Canada for. AND CANADA to require anyone to pay for a loan or an insurance policy upfront for a loan. He said he would request the cancellation, however, it would take approx. The number in MN that I was given was 1-320-438-2283. See below for scam email: Dear Valued Customer You are welcome to the foreign remittance / online Banking support of Foresters International Bank/Finance. Fieldcrest Lending Network CUMBERLAND STREET SUITE 200 WOONSOCKET, ri 02895 800-756-1660 They will ask for upfront money to be sent to Jamaica.

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