How to crack sex chat profile

The hard part was finding one that could support this volume of data.

To get as much accuracy as possible, I wanted to calculate a sentiment score for each message that we sent to each other.

To start off, I had to figure out a way to approach this problem.

After some musing on a whiteboard, I figured that our chat history would be a good place to start sniffing.

To analyze the messages, I figured that a text sentiment analysis API would do the trick.

My idea going into this was that I would analyze how positive and negative each message in our conversation was and analyze trends, peaks, and dips in her mood.

Since I was familiar with the way the messages were serialized, parsing them was easy.

Sifting through the data I downloaded from Facebook was a little more difficult because of the sheer magnitude of the file.They gave me our entire chat history stored in an html file, so I used the Beautiful Soup Python module to isolate all the conversations between us.C and I also used a private chat service that I designed and hosted on Heroku, so getting a log of that was trivial enough.Crack users risk overdose by varying potency levels, combining crack use with other substances, or when they have compromised health issues.According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network, in 2011, the highest number of estimated emergency department visits involved cocaine abuse at 505,224 visits.

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