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I liked the fact of being able to store large amount of photos online as a kind of backup as well as for viewing and searching old photos for sentimentality and for references.The missing features makes Google Photos less useful than their predecessors.Having played my first event games during their Halloween event, I didn’t had a clue on what were the next item on their task list and the task required out of each step.While reading some tech news, bump into this announcement that Google intends to close the Picasa Web Album.I went with Kevin to some appointments the other day and while I was waiting I took off and started walking, I ended up in a local K-mart. Once we got into Georgia we was heading towards Atlanta. We decided to stop about 30 miles before we hit Atlanta to eat at a Crackerbarrel.

Say a hundred photos out of the 200-300 photos taken on that day? Oh, pleeeaze, the Google Photos developers didn't think about that!

Google Picasa Blog made this post ( on Feb 12, 2016 during my CNY holidays.

I read it with dismay that Google chose to close a service when they still have much work to do to improve their Google Photos.

Suping up their robots and weaponry & equipment so much that it so difficult to destroy their robots.

Sometimes I need to use 3 robots to defeat one of them!

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