Online mistress bot

Background The internet enables us to explore our identities and develop social and communication skills.Technology has changed the way that we interact with each other.Interactions varied from innocent to full on sexy-text-messaging exchanging images and dirty talk, back and forth between human and agent.

This project gave me many ideas for future projects.

In this post, I describe the development, deployment, and conclusions of a recent art-project-cum-coding-experiment called botrotica. It is a chat bot that is based on the sext messages that we send to each other.

This sextbot is an exploration in sexting developed for futuresmut, a thematic cabaret at Nextfest 2017, an emerging artist festival in Edmonton, Alberta.

I believe there is value in building these channels.

It is not obscene (ala Joseph Weizenbaum), in fact, I think it is beautiful, to think that in the future we may communicate our lusts, thoughts, fears, desires, emotions, judgements, interests, hopes, dreams and memories to artificial agents with full knowledge of their non-sentience.

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