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Jack Bauer, head of the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit, is thrust into a 24-hour marathon of death, deception, and terror as he struggles to prevent the assasination of a presidential candidate, find the traitor within his own organization, and save his kidnapped wife and daughter.

Liz Lemon is the head writer of a live variety program in New York City.

After a lapse of 100 years, the Avatar-spiritual master of the elements has returned. The Four nations (Water, Earth, Fire and Air) have become unbalanced.

Now it's up to Liz to manage the mayhem and still try to have a life.

Watson, Barry Sullivan, Diane Shalet, Richard Roat, Louise Latham Barnaby Jones is a retired Los Angeles private detective who has passed his private investigation business down to his son, Hal.

When Hal is murdered while on a case, Jones comes out of retirement to track down his son's killer.

Four women who worked as codebreakers at Bletchley Park have taken up civilian lives. She tries to convince the police she knows where another body is, but they are unable to locate it and dismiss her.

She turns to her three friends and they work out where the next victim will be taken, find the body, and then decide they are the only ones who can track down the killer.

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    He has also had four number ones on the Billboard Hot 100, one ("Empire State of Mind") as lead artist.