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we keep telling them [they] will get their paycheques in four weeks, then six weeks and then we just say the deadline is undetermined,'' he said.At least million of the overpayments were given to employees considered inactive, meaning their contracts are completed, they retired, quit or took an unpaid leave. Representatives from the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) worry the government has lost control of the problem and may never recover some of the overpayments.

He said that since May he's been receiving multiple paycheques, and though he notified the government immediately, the extra paycheques didn't stop until recently.

Tapping on the orange box displays a summary about that specific issue, and even a link to detailed documentation about how to fix it.

The scanner app is a great tool for quick sanity checks, but it does not cover everything.

"Our goal is to clear up as many cases of these cases possible before taxes are issues," Lemay said at a media briefing.

She also instructed all employees who believe they have been overpaid to contact the call centre.

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