Screw dating

(Obviously, ignore this one if your date doesn’t drink alcohol—find a place with a fun selection of sodas or mocktails instead.)Consider lighting and atmosphere.

Unfortunately, many vegetarian restaurants (see above re: wheatgrass) are more earthy than sensual.

You’ll have plenty of time to eat healthy together once you know each other a little better.

Stick to bars and restaurants that allow both of you to cut the tension with a drink or two.

You’ll appear thoughtful and prepared—and you’ll have to do less research.

'Kittenfishing' could be flooding your profile with flattering photos that are five years old, making out like you've travelled the world when in fact you've left your hometown three times, or saying you're 5"9 when you're actually 4"9.

And nothing is more awkward than sipping tap water while sitting across from a stranger while you wait for appetizers to arrive.

And don’t expect that your date will like the restaurant just because it says “vegetarian” on the awning.Definitely don’t make jokes about being a vegetarian or offer up one of your chicken tenders in an attempt to be funny.Split something to show that you’re accepting of your date’s diet.Sharing dishes also makes the dinner a little more intimate, so this is a good move to pull regardless of your date’s diet.If you absolutely refuse to share any dish, you’ll likely come off as uncompromising or selfish.

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