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For instance we have a free over-50 dating community for connecting with mature singles.We know they're a pain, so Matchopolis has several active technologies that continuously remove undesirables from the site, and typically prevent their signing up in the first place.

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The new tower — which will house the cable giant’s engineering and product-development teams and will be topped with a luxury Four Seasons hotel — will eventually reach 1,121 feet.An astonished homeowner discovered a giant bubble of water under his lawn after heavy rainfall.James Callender jumped on the growth and then used a stick to pop it at his home in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania The bizarre bubbles are usually caused when water gets trapped between a lawn and a membrane laid to limit weed growth underneath.The water cannot drain and causes the ground to balloon.'I found this odd lawn bubble in my back yard.So strange but interesting,' he said after posting the video on You Tube.’I've never seen this before in all my life but apparently it's rained so much that it's made a water bubble in the yard.‘I hope it's not going to turn into Noah's Ark,’ he says as he starts prodding at the large bubble with a sharp garden implement in the video.‘Now I’m going to try to relieve the pressure,’ he says as he pokes it.

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