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A phone's display is also a major drain but you can reduce this by lowering brightness and setting the screen to switch off more regularly.

4 Disable features until you need them Your phone is emitting data all the time unless told not to, so once again action can be taken in settings.

As Matt Powell, editor of mobile information site Broadband Genie, says, it's not always necessary to have your mobile working at optimal level.

A pragmatic approach is to slow it down to preserve power, but then switch things back on when you need them.

2 Avoid cheap chargers Many of us lose chargers or use back-up chargers when working away from home. "The energy may also come through in sporadic bursts.

And that’s not good for your battery’s life either.” 3 Do some housekeeping Most smartphones contain information that tells you how your battery power is being used.

6 Use 'emergency' aeroplane mode If you're really low on power and need to run out of the door, Mr Curran suggests a tip. This effectively shuts down all your phone's major functions and will ensure your phone battery will charge quicker when it is plugged in,” he says. That’s why Business Essentials from O2 lets you change devices, apps and tariffs whenever you like.

Short Film Six weeks is the period in which parents of newborn babies in Poland may decide to give up a child for adoption.

Running out of battery power on your mobile phone is a regular modern-day inconvenience, but things take a more serious turn when we’re talking about work.Please select the channel that most closely reflects your concern about the video, so that we can review it and determine whether it violates our Community Guidelines or isn't appropriate for all viewers.Abusing this feature is also a violation of the Community Guidelines, so don't do it.(Just ask anyone who has had an appendectomy or a C-section how tough it is to move when you can’t use your core muscles.) This 6-minute abs workout uses the following core-strengthening moves: - Shoulder Taps - Russian Twists - 180° Abs - Scissor Kicks - Side Planks - Slow Bicycles If you need more convincing to give up your go-to crunches regimen, this 6-minute abs workout actually doubles as cardio.That means in addition to strengthening your core, you’ll actually get your heart pumping a little faster, which is beneficial for anyone worried about heart disease.

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