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(Tap the "Support" button on the lower right hand corner of the application screen.)We are unable to respond in regard to comments made in our reviews.Thank you for your support and understanding.=Warnings=Before enjoying "Sleepless Cinderella: PARTY", please check the following points.・You must have a data connection to use the application.I do think it could well still be released in 2017, but I feel it’s very unfair to everyone (and myself) to give a specific release date, given the current situation. It means so much to know people have enjoyed my stupid game to that extent, and I promise the full release is going to be amazing.I’m so passionate about making BWH as good as it can be it’s unreal, and I was so excited about the game coming out in a couple of months, and being able to share this story with all of you - I’m rather torn up that it still has to be pushed back further, but unfortunately, I’ve got to think of other priorities at this moment in time. Make your dream celebrity fall in love with Voltage’s new dating sim. Your first assignment is to get a scoop at the new Casino’s opening gala, where you’ll meet Japan’s hottest celebrities! Choose your favorite make-up, hairstyle and accessories and go get that celeb!Enjoy the new and improved user interface and choose your virtual boyfriend from a group of incredibly handsome celebrities! An unexpected turn of events finds you waking up the next morning in a stranger’s hotel room. 【Design your own VIP room】 Style your room to perfection and get even more Glamour points!

Thank you for your support and understanding.=Support=Any questions or problems can be addressed through the "FAQ/Support" menu within the application.

; D Yes, I’m doing much better than I was a few months ago (fig 1. Because We’re Here is currently going well - I’m being a bit of a perfectionist with the finished script, but I’ve made great strides since the last update!

It’s really shaping up into something I’m happy with.

In the meantime, I’ll step back a bit from this blog once more - but I thought I’d better check in with you all now I have a slightly more concrete idea of the timeframe. I can’t wait until I’m in the 90%-completion range - I’ll get back to teasing cool upcoming stuff then.

I’m very sorry that I’m having to make this post, and it’s extremely unfortunate that it’s coming so soon after the ‘May’ announcement, but… As some of you know if you’ve got me on Twitter, I’ve had some medical trouble recently that’s set back my progress on BWH. things IRL have been quite bad in a lot of ways these past couple of years, and the situation’s just got worse still.

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