Varlogsyslog not updating

It normally happens within seconds, but sometimes it can take longer.If Loggly isn’t seeing data check our status page to make sure we are indexing data and search is running.

(I've never really understood SELinux ) To check whether this is an SELinux issue, you could run system-config-selinux and change the "System Default Enforcing Mode" to Permissive or Disabled, then re-boot, and try accessing /var/log/messages again.

3 - capability setgid [(A)llow] / (D)eny / (I)gnore / Audi(t) / Abo(r)t / (F)inish It does not work when the logs are written to /var/log/syslog [email protected]:~# aa-logprof Reading log entries from /var/log/syslog. One contained message: Mar 15 test kernel: [ 3349.757377] audit: type=1400 audit(142642200That sounds like bug 1399027.

The libapparmor part is fixed in 2.9.1, the python side is only fixed in bzr (will be in 2.9.2).

You can overwrite your existing loggly configuration to make sure there are no errors and verify it again. Use netstat to verify Rsyslog has an established connection to Loggly.

Specifically, check that Loggly can make a connection through your firewall on the proper port.

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