When did justin timberlake and jessica biel start dating

Excerpts from our chat in New York: How important was it for you to have somebody like Kate Winslet to play off against? Kate is without a doubt one of the favorite artists I’ve ever worked with on film.

Kate is an international treasure, to put it lightly.

When you think about a period like that and you start trying on the clothing, I immediately was inspired to drop about 10 pounds.

Can you comment on the sexual assault and harassment allegation against Harvey Weinstein? So, I am extremely sensitive to women because I love my mom so much.

While some critics carped that Justin’s performance as Mickey, a Coney Island lifeguard and aspiring playwright, is more suited to Broadway than the big screen, a larger-than-life, ramped up portrayal was exactly what Woody asked for.

Justin, who was memorable as Sean Parker in David Fincher’s “The Social Network,” delineates a character who, once in a while, addresses the camera and says lines like, “I relish melodrama and larger-than-life characters.” His Mickey gets entangled in the lives of Ginny (Kate Winslet, stunning as an ex-actress-turned waitress); Humpty (Jim Belushi), a Stanley Kowalski-like boorish husband to Ginny’s Blanche Du Bois; and Carolina (Juno Temple), Humpty’s daughter, who’s being hunted by the mob.

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I said, “Yeah, I’m in.” So you really didn’t keep the script? How did you decide on your approach to your character?

I don’t think I have ever played a character where I actually narrate the film. As I was reading it, I found the Eugene O’Neill references not as ironic as I thought they would be. I love the fact that when you come across a character that you get to immerse yourself in a period that you weren’t even around for, you get to study so much about that time. Also, one of the people Woody has used over the years, and who should get a lot of mention, is Suzy (Benzinger), his costume designer.

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