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, the inspiring true story of Robin Cavendish, who was stricken with polio in 1958 and left paralyzed from the neck down.Cavendish might have lived out his days in a British hospital ward had his very tenacious wife’s Claire Foy) not rescued him—with a mobile respirator—and encouraged him to become an advocate for people with disabilities. I waited a full calendar year after its 2007 release, eventually renting it from my local library once I was of legal age to check out an R-rated movie (17).New to me, James Mc Avoy had been a working actor for over a decade leading up to . As Robbie, Mc Avoy was the rosy-cheeked, smirking groundskeeper who won the heart of haughty socialite Cecilia (Keira Knightley). Night Shyamalan’s latest film (he’s back once again, baby!In an interview with Total Film magazine, Mc Avoy, who began his acting career in 1995 with minor television roles, said he only felt he had “money in the bank” after appearing alongside Angelina Jolie in the 2008 action thriller Wanted, his 15th… I sat alone in my bedroom, watching the DVD on my laptop, and I quickly fell in love with the film’s star, James Mc Avoy.That’s not to say more is more when it comes to acting, but the oddness and specificity that James Mc Avoy brings to his various roles shine through whatever the material he’s been given. Perhaps he knows you’re gonna fall in love with him anyway.There’s no room for pride; he’s not concerned with “handsome.” He’s in the trenches of a character, redefining how interesting a protagonist is actually allowed to be.

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This is a beautiful love story about this man who got polio at a young age. Which I don’t think we give as much credence to in our modern culture. I have very strong feelings about what modern fame means, and the toxicity of it. I was like, Look, I’ve dusted everything, the stockroom is all figured out.… Still, it’s nice to be told.” There are, however, few if any opportunities for Mc Avoy to show off his sexual energy or his cockiness in his latest role. Actually, the cockiness I’m probably aware of because I’ve done it on purpose a few times with the character I’ve played.He’s effortlessly charming and frightfully earnest. There’s a hot summer day, a controversial letter, a confrontation in the library, and suddenly, Mc Avoy’s been Goslinged.? ) appears to be a thriller about three teenaged girls abducted by a man with 23 different split personalities.In the two-and-a-half minute trailer, Mc Avoy inhabits several different facets of “Kevin” — an American-accented man, a British woman, a 9-year-old boy.

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